New story in crime anthology LAST RESORT

by Wendall Thomas:

My story “Eggs Over Dead” will appear in the LA Crime Anthology Last Resort, available on April 17 and for pre-order now.

I’ll be overseeing and supporting three projects which will put a diverse spin on public domain material, from inception to market. Can’t wait.

New LIVING ROOM LECTURE on Saturday November 12

by Wendall Thomas:


I just previewed four new lectures at the Melbourne International Film Festival and will be presenting them for the first time in LA over the next few months.  First up is the result of my watching over 100 hours of tv relationships to decipher what the great, enduring ones have in common. See the LIVING ROOM LECTURES page for a full course description.

Wendall returning for second year of SQ PROJECTOR

by Wendall Thomas:

I am thrilled to be returning to Screen Queensland to oversee the second year of SQ PROJECTOR, a program designed to fast track emerging Australian writers and filmmakers.

Creating and introducing a memorable central character– whether for a feature or television series — is one of the greatest challenges for screenwriters, and one of the most rewarding if you get it right. This lecture will focus on the five vital questions writers need to ask themselves about their protagonist when starting on a new project and offer practical advice on subtle and creative ways to introduce and reveal character that will draw the reader and audience fully into the story before the end of Act One. See LIVING ROOM LECTURES page for more details.

Tickets now available for my lecture series at MIFF.  I’ll be covering Black Comedy, Protagonists, Third Acts, and One Hour TV pilots. For more info, visit:

Wendall in new LA crime anthology LADIES NIGHT

by Wendall Thomas:

My story “Loser Friend”  appears in the upcoming Ladies Night available June 1.

Wendall is thrilled and honored to be working with Christopher Sharp, Jo Dillon, and emerging Australian filmmakers through Screen Queensland’s new PROJECTOR program.

Wendall Lecturing in Newcastle March 18-19

by Wendall Thomas:

For Filmmakers in the North of England: If any of you are interested in improving your secondary characters or your scene/sequence writing, I’ll be focusing on practical advice for both on 18/19 March at Northern Film and Media.  For more information, visit: